13 April, 2011

Prime Minister’s Message For Indian New Year & Vaisakhi 2011

The month of April ushers in celebrations for many of Malaysia’s Indian communities, beginning with the Telugu community celebrating “Ugadhi” at the beginning of this month. Along with other Indian communities celebrating New Year in their own special way, the Tamils and Malayali’s also celebrate “Putthandu” and “Vishu” respectively this month. Additionally, the Sikh community honours “Vaisakhi” day in April.

There is indeed much diversity and richness of tradition within the Indian community alone. It is indeed this cultural variety and depth in every Malaysian community that we should try to know and understand. It is only with this mutual understanding that we can build a spirit of empathy amongst Malaysians. A spirit that always seeks to understand the other person’s of view and that ultimately strives to achieve a fair outcome for all.

In the hope that every New Year brings, let us all take this opportunity to renew our commitment to empathise and always put ourselves in another’s shoes, be it whilst addressing local challenges or even in achieving progress for the nation.

On behalf of the Malaysian Government, I would like to wish a very Happy New Year to Malaysian Indians and a Happy Vaisakhi to the Sikh community.

Prime Minister’s Office

Perdana Putra Building


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