20 September, 2012

My Statement On Innocence Of Muslims Film And Charlie Hebdo Caricatures

The anti-Islam film, the “Innocence of Muslims,” and the publication in a French magazine of caricatures depicting the Prophet Muhammad are unnecessarily inflammatory to those of the Muslim faith.

The video in question was deeply offensive and has rightly been condemned by leaders across the world. And while Charlie Hebdo may not have broken French law in publishing the caricatures, we question their ethical judgement in deliberately creating further provocation at a time when tensions are already running high.

I urge Muslims to remain peaceful and not resort to violence as a means of showing dissatisfaction. Now, more than ever, each of us has a responsibility to work together for greater respect, tolerance and understanding so we may live in harmony. This is why here in Malaysia we have invited people of all faiths to join us in forming a Global Movement of the Moderates.

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