28 Februari, 2009

The 1Malaysia.com.my Photo Contest:

My fellow young Malaysians,

I recently launched my own personal website at www.1Malaysia.com.my as a means to reach out to my fellow citizens and engage more openly with everyone on the issues that matter to our country. I am very pleased to say that the experience of blogging and owning a website has been interesting and fun at the same time!

As one would say, a picture paints a million words. Malaysia is blessed with our nature, beauty and most importantly, our background of different cultures and races. For this reason, I would like to personally invite you to participate in the 1Malaysia.com.my photo contest, beginning March 1, 2009 and ending March 31, 2009. To enter, you need to submit any photo, taken in Malaysia, that best captures the phrase “Unity through Diversity”. I am looking forward to presenting the prizes personally to the winners.

This contest is hopefully the first of many more activities that I hope you can participate via my website. Details of the competition will be uploaded onto www.1Malaysia.com.my beginning 28 February 2009. You could also obtain some of my thoughts on how together, we can build a stronger, more united Malaysia.

Najib Razak